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Graduation Profile — As a Business Engineer, you will learn the following: 

  • Make decisions at senior management level in a company, wheter in the production or services field, by applying engineering knowledge. 
  •  Develop new businesses, products, and services, relying on a robust technological, financial, and human planning base, with a comprehensive and systemic view of the company.
  • Analyze and interpret data to offer solutions, plan and solve various business situations, using and developing critical thought. 
  • Deal with challenges for the sustainable progress of the companies, both in México and in other countries.
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Why study Engineering Management at the Universidad Anáhuac México?

  • You will study with a balanced syllabus that considers three fundamental areas of the company: Engineering, Businesses, and Human Studies. 
  • You can take various Business subjects in one of the best-ranked private universities of the South of the United States of America: the University of San Diego (USD) in California. 
  • You will receive personalized attention, both in our Engineering School of the South Campus in México City and in the Business School of the University of San Diego, California, USA.

What can you do as a Business Engineer?

  • Prepare diagnoses, identify problems, design solutions, and execute comprehensive action proposals in production and/or services companies.
  • Plan and direct strategically the companies in their different areas, with the purpose of developing new businesses while optimizing the management and direction of the company where you will provide your services.
  • Apply and optimize the new Engineering and Business technologies, such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain, Big-data, and Internet of things, among others, for the management and optimization of the business processes.

Where can you work?

In any family, private or public sector company, focusing on: 

  • Productive and transformation proceses. 
  • Management, direction, and optimization of various business processes. 
  • Identify the main operating and management problems of the companies, proposing feasible solutions. 

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This is a test that, based on your interests, aptitudes, tastes and abilities, seeks and is oriented to determine the major you can study and that best suits you. 

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